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Focus on building green environmental protection, energy saving intelligent LED lighting. We firmly believe that light serves the concept of human being, and it is the focus and direction of product development with experience, innovation and application in the beginning.

The main business includes: the research and development of lighting products, production, sales, lighting products technology and the development of LED driven products.

The main products: conventional light source (ceiling lamps transformation lamp board, lamp board, doll machine lathe light source), remote control of color light source (ceiling lamps, light bulb, candle lamps and other lighting products (3D), vision night lamp products and 3D lamp products, really) new innovative products (hand sense of strain sweep tone light lamp etc.).

We uphold the core values of "lighting services for mankind", and take "experience, innovation and application" as the spirit of enterprise, and provide innovative business application programs for lighting enterprises through self innovation and sincere cooperation, so as to create value together.

On the "light service for mankind"

We believe that starting from Edison's invention of light bulbs, lighting is to serve human beings. Only the most suitable lighting is needed. In the era of intelligence, we should take people as the basis and have excellent experience to integrate suitable industrial applications to reflect the value of lighting.

On "experience, innovation, application"

We think that experience is the starting point of all lighting products, innovation is the technical basis for achieving good experience, and application is the basis for lighting to create value.

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